Glossary / Instructions

4TiV 2 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 2 years ago 2

Hi Flowlu,

I'm trying the system and so far am impressed. However, I find that I come across terms and functions for which I do not find instructions or references. I search the community forums and knowledge base but often come up empty. Is there a location I am missing with a list of terms and definitions, and how-to instructions?

As an example, undert Stages, what is "add checkitem" and why would I do this?

Thank you,

Bob T

Update: I figured out that the "add checkitem" is to put a list on the project under the Project Board. A glossary would still be helpful, especially if it also included a map to show interactions with the various modules.




We are working on documentation (knowledge base) and will release it in couple of weeks. 

Rregarding the project management app we will improve it in spring. We will add a useful glossary for Project Boards.