How to import CRM records .csv??

Bongani 10 months ago • updated by ihsanv 2 weeks ago 11

I see the importation options are only by integration with other services. 

Is there a way to import contact records using a .csv file?



This feature in progress now! Will be available in couple of weeks


how to import bulk data contact lo crm ?


Hi, now the feature in alpha test status, I hope we will release importer in April.

is this feature available? I wanna import from Google Contacts. tks.


Now the feature in Beta and soon will be available.


Any chance of this coming down the pike soon?  I'm happy to be a beta tester.

John unfortunately we can't open access to feature at the moment. I'll let you know when feature will available for tests!


Just circling back - is this available now?

Still work in progress

Hi, so what's going on with the import functionality? Is .csv coming?

we need .csv import to companies.when you do