Customizable Web Forms to Collect Custom Details

successcoachalicia 2 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 2 years ago 6

In the Web to Lead Form Section there are forms available but it would be more useful for me if I could collect a few more details. Is there a way to add custom fields to these forms via the system? If not can the code to modified on my end to allow the details in need to be submitted into the system. The details I will be collecting are from clients that have not yet been placed into the system. IF this feature is not available can I connect a Google Form to auto place the date in the system?

Is there a way to provide a direct web link for web to lead form submissions without having to embed it into a website?


Hello, Direct link to web form and web form custom fields planned.


Can I get an update on the timing of this functionality?


Still in progress, ETA is December'18

+1 for forms!