Agile vs staged projects

Lars 2 months ago 0


I am evaluating FlowLu only since yesterday, so I might not be aware of all the features and for sure I have not understood all underlying functionality. 

First impression is that it's a great piece of software. I like the intuitive UI and easy usability. However, there are some things concerning agile projects that you might be able to clarify. 

There seems to be a strict separation between agile projects and staged projects. For example, agile projects are not included in the projects reports, only staged projects are. However, I would like to be able to evaluate agile and staged projects, assign budgets in the same way etc. Is it necessary to have different project for agile processes? Wouldn't it be sufficient to define sprints inside a "normal" project and drag and drop the task into the backlog? Assign a sprint to a project and a project stage and it should work just fine. Is this possible somehow?

Issue types are available for agile projects, but not for staged projects. Additionally, it seems that agile issue types (Request, Story, Task, Bug) are hard-coded and cannot be edited manually. Is it possible to define issue types and associated with a specific workflow (i.e. issue status transitions)? 

Thank you! Cheers!