modify the estimate template

marco 2 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 2 years ago 3

In the estimate template, would it be possible to put the "Notes" or the "Terms" section before the "estimate details" section ? is it also possible to insert a "signature for acceptance" section? Usually i need to explain to customers the estimate before giving the cost details and i also need them to sign the estimate for acceptance.


Hello you're able to modify the estimate template, just check the article https://www.flowlu.com/help/articles/250-251-252--setting-the-print-form-of-estimate/

thank you Max, i had already checked the article but it does not really answer my question, i understand you cannot really modify the template, you can just choose what to insert and what not to. My idea was of putting an introduction section to the estimate. Furthermore i noticed that, unless i am doing a mistake somewhere..., in the "bill to detail" section, at the label "VAT1" the system is inserting the VAT number of my organisation instead of the VAT number of the customer. 

thanks for your great support !

Marco, we'll improve templates in next year.

Also you can send me an example of an invoice you need to have in Flowlu and we'll add it as a new template