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christos.chr 2 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 1 year ago 6

How to remove tag suggestions from articles? If I accidently set the tags for an article, lets say tag1,tag2,tag3 and then delete them, I can still see them on tag suggestions and I cannot set the tag for tag1. All the phrase is selected. 

Also if i set the knowledge base for external use, these tags will be shown on the page even without articles. 



To remove tags from an article, open an article edit form, then delete tags

And save the form

As for Tag suggestion feature we'll fix it in next update.

Hello! Thanks for the reply,

The problem I was referring to, is the following as shown in the picture

These tags were added and then removed from article. But during external use all tags are shown, even the ones that are not connected to any articles and were removed. 

Got it! Will be fixed asap

Hi Max,

I'm having the same issue as above.  Do you have an estimate time on when this issue will be fixed? Thanks!

Carol we'll investigate and get it fixed, thank you reporting us.