Not a bug

Everytime i create a flowlu projecty issue ticket, i cannot see a unique reference number?

yasmin.khatun 2 years ago updated by Gloria 2 years ago 11

I am trying to link Flowlu with Zendesk however there is no ticket number for Flowlu in order to link this with Zendesk? 

Help please. 




could you provide a screenshot with the bug and describe where you want to find a URN?

I have created list of project issue but no ref number see attached screenshot 'project created'

second screenshot when I open the 'landing page logo' project there is no ref number I can identify with 


Not a bug

Thank you for the screenshot.

In the Projects app in issues there is no IDs or Issue Keys or issue links. The feature created fo small problems tracking in projects.

Could you try our Agile Projects module? You will get more features.)

Go to the Apps section 

Click on Agile Projects tile

and install the app) Do not forget set up user access 

Hi Max, 

Is there any way to link the Zendesk tickets with Flowlu task/issues? 



Hi Yasmin,

Yes we have Flowlu App for Zendesk you're able to link or create issues through tickets

Hi Max, 

Yes we have app enabled but the issue we are having is linking project issue to Zendesk 

we can't get this linked with a project issue or a task. is this possible? 

You have to use Agile Projects app. Zendesk has integration with this app. You're able to create issue (task, story, bug), or link ticket to issue, also create multiple issues from ticket and link multiple tickets to issue.

Do you have any user guide around the agile projects on how I can use this on Flowlu

I am little lost where I can create projects in this agile project app. I have created a task from the screenshot below but it just takes back to square 1 again where I can't link the tickets to Zendesk 

Can you please show me some step by step example 

Our Guide is in progress and will available soon.


The Agile app page does not let us use some of the functionality that project management app has.

We want to be able to create ghantt chart, upload multiple documents, create tasks and project issues under 1 project. We then want to link this project into Zendesk. Is there app available in flowlu that meets these requirements?


Unfortunately there is no integration between Projects App and Zendesk. We will review your inquiry to find best solution.