Change domain name for the knowledge base

Sammy English 2 years ago updated by benjamin emsallem 11 months ago 4

Hi, I would like to change domain for my Knowledge base. I have "Change domain name for the knowledge base " selected but I can't find any option or instruction to change Cname or point it to right server. 

Would you be able to provide a quick tutorial, please?



  1. Sign in to your domain registrar's control panel.
  2. Look for the option to change DNS records.

    The option might be called something like DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings.

  3. Locate the CNAME records for your domain.

    A CNAME record, or Canonical Name record, is a type of alias used by the Domain Name System (DNS). Among other things, a CNAME record can be used to make a domain an alias of an external website.

  4. Point the CNAME record from your domain (shown in the Host Record field) to hc.flowlu.com


Open the Knowledge Base settings form http://prntscr.com/j139fv, check Change domain name for the knowledge base, and enter your custom domain name.

When CNAME will be updated (usually few hours), you'll have access to the knowledge base by new domain name.

  1. Add in dns configuration cname that point to flowlu knowledge base
  2. set up in flowlu knowledge base custom domain name
  3. when i try to open in browser, it show me not secure connection https 



Hi Igor,

Unfortunately when you're set custom domain for knowledge base there is no ssl for your domain on Flowlu servers installed.

We will release a some updates for Knowledge Base with automatic ssl for custom domains in few months.

Hello Do you have news about ssl on custom domain for knowledge base please?
it's been 10 months , this is important issue for us, trust is very important for our business