Zapier Integration

Krista Guerrero 2 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 2 years ago 4

This is a huge request for me. Without having the automation right now, it won't allow me to get started using Flowlu. Just due to how my business is structured.

I'm self employed and I have to automate everything to keep my workflow moving. Everything starts with my accounting software (Wave Accounting - waveapps.com). Currently, I use Meistertask as my CRM, but I am really looking forward to using Flowlu. 


Hello Krista, 

Zapier integration is planned 

Flowlu will become the perfect app for my business ONLY IF we can get some kind of useful integrations and vCard imports.

Are there an updated ETA for Zapier integration?


ETA is not defined yet.

Just has planned status