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Are u planning any payed plan? Or everything will be free forever?



We will launch the Pro subscription in 2-3 months. Pro plan price will be about 12-15USD peruser/month


And do u know right now any difference between free and pro plan?


Many additional features, like recurring task, recurring invoice, recurring project etc, Zendesk to Issue tracker integration,. When we will decide which features will be in Pro, I'll let you know.

For current features which will be free and which will be pro.

Thanks alot


We will add some new features for pro. 90% of current features we will keep free.

Any news about this? 


Still working on it

Hi ! So, I´ve found Flowlu when searching for an alternative to Jira. Atlassian offers a plan to 10 users for $10. When we reach 11 users, Atlassian charges you $7 per user, so our bill will jump from $10 to $77(nosense). As we cant afford that, I´m looking for alternatives. We use only the Agile(scrum/kanban) features of Jira which are very good. After read this topic about Flowlu future paid plans, I dont know if it worth our trying. I´d like to know more about future paid plans, will it be by modules, which features will be considerd PRO and so on. 

Can you give us some info?


Our pricing model isn't ready yet. But we have decided to launch pro subscription without per user fees.

When we will ready to share our pricing I'll let you know.


As  activity based , project based  work space need to be project  leader oriented , good  business model indeed is not use base , as this can help new one to take time  to learn , they can start too paya as they  grow via crowd funding , thus great greenfuture for flowlu fast growth  as there are plenty 150  competetore, new one arriving too in cloud

if you make it paid what will the features that you will restrict as we want to start on the platflorm but if it changes drastically we would leave it as per user cost for us would be too high and from india we cannot pay in usd as indian laws are restrcitive

We will charge per account, not per user. As for features - list in progress.

Are u planning any partner program?

I work with consultoring, and i wanted become a partner to earn a comission in pro plan when launch.

Other thing, How worked for we translate the system to portuguese together?


Hello Renan,

Of course we're planning a partner program. I can't give you ETA yet, but timeframe - months

We'll implement the multilanguage translate system in next year.

Hello Max, I would like to ask how you plan to charge your application in the future. We need to know this information right from the start, because we have a very negative experience with a competitive platform that promised to be free for up to 5 users. We have built up some dependency on this system, but now the company has changed the conditions dramatically by limiting the number of items in the free version to existing clients, which has forced the vast majority of users to pay. In addition, we were in a time of stress, because to solve this situation we all have a time of about 2 months and that, including Christmas holidays. Logically, it has made many users angry, but nothing can be done about it. We have been using this app for over 5 years now and we are now working out quickly where to safely register our portfolio. Your application is quite similar and we like it, but we'd like to know how pricing policy will evolve in the future. Would it be possible to write which features will always be free, or what will be in the free version restrictions? Thank you very much for your reply.(by Google translator)


I gladly concur with the requests already made.
Together with our colleagues, we have found Flowlu very powerful and innovative with respect to other solutions: since this platform is a bridge between the classic CRM and project management (clever intuition using expense and payment record on project).

But it is essential to know, for long term adoption:

Business model and pricing (features, etc.)
API or IMPORT integration with legacy and third party software to avoid double billing and invoicing management (i.e. internal API or using external platform like Zapier)
IMPORT of legacy contact data set
In the meanwhile, I'm still continuing to use Flow in parallel with our production CRM / PM software.


a very small suggestion about price book and related extimation.
it could be very useful if it keeps track of customer price, either the purchase/ consultant price with deadline payment agreed.
In this way during the project conversion, it records automatically pre-load costs on the project (on expenses) and monitor the correct payment adherence,
keeping an 1: 1 ratio between payment / payments deadline in budget.

We will launch a Pro subscriptions in 10-12 business days.

Regarding features &prices, I'll text a bit later