Just time......

Stickerzilla 7 months ago • updated by Max Kamyshev 7 months ago 1

Hi guys, 

Loving the app, we're definitely on board.... We've come away from insightly. Regarding time tracking, it would be great to be able to just start recording time and not have to assign it to a task! 

Let's say I'm working on company admin that I work for, I don't necessarily want to create a task and then start marking the time to it. Also it would be good if you could just assign time to working on a project or customer... So let's say I've got to write a proposal, then I can just start tracking time and then assign it to a customer\project\task later.....

Hope that makes sense, please feel free to add your thoughts :)


Hi there,

In next updates we will release full featured time tracker with extended time sheets.