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Epics->Feature->story hierarchy in Agile Projects

prashant 9 months ago • updated by Rene Rose 8 months ago 2

It will be great to have levels of backlog in Agile projects.

  1. Epics as top level item (e.g. Social media integration)
  2. Features as a more lower level break up of the epic (e.g. Facebook integration)
  3. Stories/Issues/Bugs as implementation level break-up of Features (e.g. Pick of user info from Facebook)
  4. Subtasks as programming level tasks of the stories/issues/bugs (e.g. write a connector to fb API)

Under review


Your suggestion is under review!


This is a missing Feature!

To plan a Software Project, it is nessesary, to have "unlimited" nested Items, Epic -> Feature -> Story and on all items Tasks, Bugs and Notes.