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Global Search

Rakesh Sarin 5 years ago updated by Paul Grayham 2 years ago 1
I love the all of Flowlu new features, however its missing global system search… It would be great if I can quickly search a Deals, Projects, Contacts or Invoices using one request!

Gantt chart

Henry Morrison 5 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 2 years ago 5
Hi there, we love FLowlu and we want to manage our projects exclusively through the platform but there is no option to create Gantt charts. Is this a feature you could add?

Auto statements and invoice reminders

Ishan Yadav 4 years ago 0
Auto statements and invoice reminders. This is what I'd like to be able to do:

Send reminder (5) days before invoice is due. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder on due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (7) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (30) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

Send statements every (60) days. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

This would be a fantastic feature that would save me a lot of time and ensure invoices are promptly followed up as I cannot always get around to it.

Online Invoices - Get direct link to customer

Rishika Bose 5 years ago 0
Is there any way to get the the direct link to a customer invoice link without sending a copy of the "send invoice" email to myself?

I've just had a case of my customer not getting(and I sent it twice to him) - so I would like just to IM him the direct invoice link, and I would prefer the invoice link instead of a pdf of the invoice.

any advice - or should this be a feature request?

Duplicate merging

Aditya Kapur 4 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 3 years ago 2
Would be great if Flowlu had a filter that showed all the names that match in the system along with a bulk merge option. Any plans for this?


Sanvi Banerjee 5 years ago 0
Hi there!
It would be great if I could create check items in task. This feature will make my work more efficient and fast!

Custom invoice templates

Gary Ellis 4 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 1 year ago 3
Your invoice software is running great for me… For the moment, I just can’t figure one small thing… want to customize my invoice templates… can you please guide me how I would do it?

Products and services catalog

Arjun Rao 4 years ago updated by Max Kamyshev 3 years ago 2
Nowadays I'm a bit upset to not be able to track customer licenses and hardware serial number on CRM as I need one Google spreadsheet only for that, what makes my job more difficult and slow.
To solve that I would like to have available Generic Items (in my case are each license and devices I sell), each device has some own properties, like Serial Number, Batch, etc... and as I have customers that buy one and others that by hundreds units Custom Fields are not enough to store this info, I need a list of items to be linked with the customer.
In this case, having a generic item with fields, I can create it and link to Invoices, Contacts, Organizations, Deals and Projects. This would do the job and be a great enhancement for the tool.

Time tracker

Jack Worn 4 years ago 0
So many project management apps leave out this basic feature is beyond me. I personally dislike having to integrate a 3rd party application to simply log time for a task.
This is why i left basecamp. Granted i'm a free customer, but I will be first to sign up for a paid account if this feature becomes available.

Text editor very poor

Guido 1 year ago updated by pollyhk 1 year ago 4

Hi, how come the text editor is so poor in options and you always have to go through WYSIWYG external software, for example, to color the text?Can't you add more options like ckeditor 5?