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Global Search

Rakesh Sarin 3 years ago • updated by Paul Grayham 7 months ago 1
I love the all of Flowlu new features, however its missing global system search… It would be great if I can quickly search a Deals, Projects, Contacts or Invoices using one request!

Gantt chart

Henry Morrison 3 years ago • updated by Max Kamyshev 6 months ago 5
Hi there, we love FLowlu and we want to manage our projects exclusively through the platform but there is no option to create Gantt charts. Is this a feature you could add?

Auto statements and invoice reminders

Ishan Yadav 3 years ago 0
Auto statements and invoice reminders. This is what I'd like to be able to do:

Send reminder (5) days before invoice is due. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder on due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (7) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}
Send reminder (30) days past due date. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

Send statements every (60) days. {set a html email with wildcard entries}

This would be a fantastic feature that would save me a lot of time and ensure invoices are promptly followed up as I cannot always get around to it.

Online Invoices - Get direct link to customer

Rishika Bose 3 years ago 0
Is there any way to get the the direct link to a customer invoice link without sending a copy of the "send invoice" email to myself?

I've just had a case of my customer not getting(and I sent it twice to him) - so I would like just to IM him the direct invoice link, and I would prefer the invoice link instead of a pdf of the invoice.

any advice - or should this be a feature request?

Duplicate merging

Aditya Kapur 3 years ago • updated by Max Kamyshev 11 months ago 2
Would be great if Flowlu had a filter that showed all the names that match in the system along with a bulk merge option. Any plans for this?


Sanvi Banerjee 3 years ago 0
Hi there!
It would be great if I could create check items in task. This feature will make my work more efficient and fast!

Custom invoice templates

Gary Ellis 3 years ago • updated by Max Kamyshev 11 months ago 2
Your invoice software is running great for me… For the moment, I just can’t figure one small thing… want to customize my invoice templates… can you please guide me how I would do it?

Products and services catalog

Arjun Rao 3 years ago • updated by Max Kamyshev 11 months ago 2
Nowadays I'm a bit upset to not be able to track customer licenses and hardware serial number on CRM as I need one Google spreadsheet only for that, what makes my job more difficult and slow.
To solve that I would like to have available Generic Items (in my case are each license and devices I sell), each device has some own properties, like Serial Number, Batch, etc... and as I have customers that buy one and others that by hundreds units Custom Fields are not enough to store this info, I need a list of items to be linked with the customer.
In this case, having a generic item with fields, I can create it and link to Invoices, Contacts, Organizations, Deals and Projects. This would do the job and be a great enhancement for the tool.

Time tracker

Jack Worn 3 years ago 0
So many project management apps leave out this basic feature is beyond me. I personally dislike having to integrate a 3rd party application to simply log time for a task.
This is why i left basecamp. Granted i'm a free customer, but I will be first to sign up for a paid account if this feature becomes available.

QuickBooks integration

Kirk West 3 years ago • updated by Rachel Lovett 8 months ago 7

Would be great to connect Flowlu to Quickbooks online for invoices and payments

Max Kamyshev 3 years ago

Hello, Kirk.

This integration planned and will be able in one of nearest updates.